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We want to help all our students raise their attainment levels in Science subjects by finding the best person to tutor them.


Gaydeliya T.

Keele University

Gaydeylia helped boost her recent student’s test grades by improving his confidence and interest in physics.

Gaydeliya is great at explaining complicated ideas in an easily understandable way. She plays an active role in her university, working as a student ambassador and resident support assistant.

She was such a motivating tutor and so supportive to me during my mock exam


Nick O.

MSc, University of York

Nick’s most recent student had a predicted grade of B in physics. With Nick’s support, he achieved an A* overall.

A Physics enthusiast with a diploma in the subject, Nick tailors his teaching with the interests of each of his students, really helping them to improve alongside enjoying the learning process.

Simplified stuff really easily”,
Really nice guy, with good knowledge


Jacob W.

PGCE, Birmingham University

Jacob recently helped an SEN student successfully transition from a grade E to an A in science.

Jacob has had many successes as a tutor and with a BA in Medical Science, he has seen first hand the exciting applications of biology, chemistry and physics in real life.

“In two months of [my daughter’s] tuition her ability has soared”

Our testimonials

Revised gas laws and thermal physics. You showed a good grasp of the physics, handled the equations well and remembered to keep the right units in the calculations. You should have no problem with this section of the course. Well done. – Phil, tutor
We covered a lot of stuff this lesson and I was able to iron out some problems I had with the topic, I think that the lesson was very helpful and Phil was great at covering the topic. – Marli, student
We did another session looking at past paper questions. Sevan was better on most of the topics he had seen before. – Andy, tutor
Found it very useful going through past papers with my teacher, especially when I have exams coming up. – Sevan, student
Today, we took a more chemical stance, talking about particles and linking this with the work on energy we’d seen before. Charlotte was able to explain what happens on a microscopic level when liquids boil or solids melt, and we compared this change in temperature to a change in energy. – Sam, tutor
Great tutor. Charlotte’s confidence in science has increased. Sam has a good sense of humour which keeps the lesson fun. – Charlotte’s Mum

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One-to-one science tuition for GCSE & A-levels

Professionally trained tutors to maximise your results

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